Daniela Haskara has written and designed 11 Photography books. Here are three of her Photography Books on PREVIEW:

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1.) Photography of the San Francisco Bay Area.

2.) Photography of the houseboat community in Sausalito:  – “A Glimpse of  Issaquah Dock”

3.) Photography of the island Mallorca, Spain:  – “A Glimpse of Mallorca * Cala Fornells”

1.)” Light Reflection – Lichtreflexion” Preview book

The San Francisco Bay Area is a meditation in the light of the sun. Light Reflection is the mirror of the Self taking a walk in the sunshine. Beautiful hiking trails in the Bay Area of San Francisco expand the view to the horizon. Each view is a breathtaking new discovery. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of the nature and City. The fast changing weather of a new fresh ocean breeze brings the wind, the fog and the play of sunlight, like an ocean of gold glitter dancing on water as a glimpse of a Golden Gate.The dance of Light Reflection – is the magic of light which mesmerized me on numerous walks, and became an unexpected diary of moments in the sun light. Come and discover a new path with me.••• ••• •••Daniela Haskara is the Photographer and Publisher of Light Reflection.The beauty of nature of the San Francisco Bay Area is captured by Haskara’s New Book. In her work she is attracted to the reflection of light – the light as a symbol of our inner beauty – the light as a meditation – and the light as an invitation to let our being shine. Haskara is born in Germany and lives in California. As a Spiritual Counselor she creates workshops and private sessions internationally, which have influenced this book to be a mirror to the inner reflection. Daniela Haskara’s passion’ filled work invites you to take a journey to the Self.

2.) The houseboats in Sausalito:  – ” A Glimpse of  Issaquah Dock “

On a beautiful day – in April 2010 – I took a walk through the Open Studios in Sausalito on Issaquah Dock.  Issaquah Dock is an artist community. Annual Open Studio’s open up their houseboat for visitors to walk through and have a glimpse. The most beautiful experience awaits you … yes,… this experience is now my new book ….   The artist houseboat community in Sausalito – is a place of great warmth… a live close to each other… artists, art lovers and friends…  Here is a glimpse of this community… a healthy and wonderful way to live.Love, Daniela

3.) The island Mallorca, Spain:  – “A Glimpse of Mallorca * Cala Fornells”

” A Glimpse of Mallorca * Cala Fornells” – Spain:
Take a glimpse with me … what mesmerizes my eye on a walk in Mallorca, one of the most beautiful islands of Spain. Sunday June 13 th 2010, I took a walk along the street Cala Fornells, located very close to Paguera. The images in my book came all from this One walk, and are almost in that very order.When I describe this walk as heaven on earth, then it is truly from my appreciation of that beauty what awaits you.Behold the breath of life. —- Yes, the glimpses I experience from the breath – taking vistas, to the deep colors, the deep blue of the ocean, the bright sunshine, the gentle wind … it all makes it so easy to be in that very moment… to be … to feel alive and taken into a peaceful moment of now…… That is the beauty of traveling – being in that Now.
•  What inspires me to make this book ?  It is the most beautiful way to bring the images together… and if it can just touch one other person, than that is all the beauty in the world.