The Sacred Film Circle

is a Film Salon, which allows us to share knowledge and discuss impressions and get answers to questions about films, local filmmakers and our own productions. In this Social Networking Salon we are screening short films or trailers, and introduce the filmmakers and their project.

Join the Sacred Film Circle of filmmakers and film-interested-friends, striving for wholeness and harmony in our community, viewing important films together. We mingle, introduce ourselves, our projects, our intentions and network with like-minded producers, directors, artists and co-creators.

Films have the unique power to facilitate the process to explore the virtuous quality of life and our human development. Watching films together will train our eyes, minds and hearts for the purpose:  to see, understand and feel the longing of our psyche for unity and integrity.

SACRED FILM CIRCLE  2004 – 2011 – Original Filmmaker Salon

SacredFilmCircle a gathering of Fimmakers and Film lovers

        Original Studio space offered by  Pepe Ozan  (in memories of)                                               in Project Artaud San Francisco  

 Ongoing monthly Sacred Film Circle is meeting in flexible locations. Please submit your film presentation idea: “Your inspiration is Welcomed.”

If you want to join the monthly Sacred Film Circle, please send an email to or click link below: • Check for Events announcement !